Tumble Kids Ages 5 - 6

The emphasis of our preschool program is to heighten body awareness & a healthy self-image, improve listening & social skills, to use movement as a means of creative expression & the early development of life-long fitness habits.


Age Appropriate Sports

Readiness TrainingClasses are 30 minutes in duration – recommended length by theNational Association for Sport and Physical Education for toddler structured physical activities.

Creative Movement

Class begins with 8 – 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise through the use of creative movement. We run, skip, gallop, hop, throw, bounce & catch balls of all sizes, jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups and more! Our goal is to build your child’s endurance, cardiovascular health as well as get them warm enough to stretch.

Kid Stretch

We begin with range of motion stretching. The stretches are designed to stretch out the muscles but only through the range of motion needed for the training that will be done that class. High knees for glutes and hamstrings, butt kicks for quadriceps, groucho walks for inner thighs, forward and back lunges for hip flexor, knee and ankles. We also do flexibility work: splits, bridges, and back bends.


We teach children according to their abilities. In tumbling our goal for this age is to build strength in the upper body, learn donkey kicks, handstands and cartwheels. We use various drills that require them to go upside down, tuck, roll, turn, jump, go backwards, go down inclines, and more! All elements are progressive and will lead to another skill. On the bar we build upper body strength by swinging in tuck, pike, straddle and straight body positions. The balance beam is challenging and requires concentration to walk forward, backward, sideways, pivot turn, step over a star and more. Vaulting trains the lower body in running, jumping and moving up & off. We teach all our elements through fun activities and constantly try to keep the children moving in a gymnastic circuit/course.

Fit Kids II – ages 6-10