Tumble Tots Ages 2 - 3

The emphasis of our toddler program is the exploration of motion and the early development of social skills.


Age Appropriate Sports

Readiness TrainingClasses are 30 minutes in duration – recommended length by theNational Association for Sport and Physical Education for toddler structured physical activities.

Kid Stretch

A few moments spent doing 3 – 4 mat positions that instill in your child as they grow the importance of flexibility and stretching the muscles before any physical activity. The toddlers favorite is “Ms Puffy”.

Creative Movement

Class begins with fun and frolic! We may use beach balls one week, and a parachute the next. We are encouraging the children to move their bodies, throw, roll, hop, skip, run, tip toe, walk backwards and develop confidence in their ability to control their bodies!


We teach the children foundational tumbling skills through creative play the students mimic the teacher and perform the kitty, doggy, crab, frog & snake. We work on rolls, gripping, hanging and swinging on the bar, walks forward, backward, sideways on balance beam, basic body positions: pike, tuck & straddle. We crawl under tunnels, slide down inclines, roll over balls, jump on stars and more! Please see our progress report for a list of the elements that Tumble Tots learn.