Turbo Tumblers Age 7 - 12

The emphasis of our Turbo Tumbler curriculum is to heighten body awareness, a healthy self-image, to use movement as a means of creative expression, to increase flexibility/strength & help early development of life-long fitness habits.


Age Appropriate Sports

Readiness TrainingClasses are 30 minutes in duration – recommended length by theNational Association for Sport and Physical Education for toddler structured physical activities.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Class begins with 5—8 minutes of cardiovascular exercise and range of motion stretching. The students run 5 laps around the maps, then high knees, butt kicks, lunge dips forward then backward and running backwards. The range of motion stretching helps to loosen muscles we will use for tumbling.


We teach the children according to their ability. In tumbling we strive to achieve a lunge to handstand, a lunge to cartwheel, gallop cartwheel, run cartwheel, handstand snap down, run round off, dive rolls, run dive rolls, handstand forward rolls, backward rolls, big bridges, back bends and front/back limbers. All elements are progressive and will lead to another skill. The children will come to us with varied experiences so we always begin with the foundational skills and allow the individual gymnast to progress from that point. We teach & review with the children in every class the landing position and work on how to fall properly (tuck and roll). We teach all our elements through fun activities and constantly try to keep the children moving in a gymnastic circuit/course. Gymnastic Bar, Balance Beam, Incline mat and Pre-Vaulting drills will be incorporated into our circuits to add differing elements of height and range of motion. The students love all the equipment and they have a great time!

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