Online Zoom Classes

Join Coach Shellie Edington founder of Tumblin4Kids and Crossfit Masters World Champion for a class that will help your child develop full-body strength using only their bodyweight.


All classes are offered on Zoom live. Drills to develop flexibility, strengthen the core, upper body, balance, control, fun, fast-paced, and easily modified to meet your child’s needs.


Parents/participants receive a meeting invite from Coach Shellie to tune in at your scheduled time for class. If you miss a class don’t worry Coach Shellie will share a link with you shortly after class ends so that your child doesn’t miss a beat. Access to recorded classes will be available for 24 hours.


All your child needs is a viewing device, a yoga mat or any kind of mat and a wall or door that they can walk up into a handstand/plank position.


Classes are limited to 5 students and run for 30 minutes 1x per week.

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